by Nicola Karesh


I choose to let go. A sigh of relief. My knuckles burn. It is time for a rest. It has been such hard work to hold on for dear life.

It’s time to let go. I don’t want winners and losers. I want winners and winners.

I feel myself vibrate back and forth.

I choose to let go. Tears fill my yes. Sweet relief. The struggle drops away like a well worn skin and I am here. Standing before You.

Love in my eyes and I am filled with something that feels like yearning. But there is a softness to my gaze and a gentle innocence in my vibe.

“Lord, I am here.”

The weight of a thousand lifetimes dissolves and peace is my home.

I choose to let go and there is no question about what surrender is. Sweet surrender is all that I am and I am heart to heart with the Divine. A quiet, resonant throb and my soul cracks right open, spilling everything and leaving me bare before my Maker.

“I am here and I am ready.”

Every part of me is called to attention. I feel a sense of alertness and presence that is so distinct. Every part of me is down front and center, poised in the doorway.

I choose to let go. Waves of love and appreciation glide over all that has gone before and it is no more. Its relevance is outdated for I stand cloaked in the arms of my lover and we are eternally One.

(I wrote this today. Free flow of words reflecting how I was feeling. It has a definite feeling of poetry and symbolism weaving through it. I start off thinking that I am going to write an article and somehow, the poetry finds a way to come in! If it speaks to you in some way, I would love to hear from you.

God’s grace to you,



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