Burn To Your End


Burn To Your End

Softness wraps itself around me
And bursts into flames.

The way of the warrior
Is shrouded in mystery.
The path of the lover
Is paved in gold.
The journey of the soldier
Is riddled with pain,
Bodies and sights unimaginable.

I am the warrior, the lover
And the soldier.
I am the force who beckons angels
And repels demons.
I am it all.

Imagine that for a moment,
Containing the uncontained.
Imagine swirling the heavens,
Plunging the seas.
Rising to conquer it all,
With the softest of flames.

I am the miracle-maker.
You can bank on me,
With everything you’ve got.
I am the story-teller.
Leave nothing to chance.
I am your lover, your Father, your friend.
Enter the flames and burn to your end.

by Nicola Karesh


(Woke up, felt the loveliest of energy all around and the first two lines spontaneously unfolded… Just writing down what flows forth without censor. The burning to your end feels symbolic of our opening to the bigger part of who we really are. Releasing the smallness of our personality and ego…)



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