Inner Direction


There is a still point within where every question can be answered. A point in no-space, where questions and answers are irrelevant. Here, everything collapses into the unknown and feeling seems to rule the day. There is a space where awareness and I are one. It feels like a merging of energies, from different directions, yet the only distance is in my mind.

It feels like when I listen with my heart, answers are felt and the inspiration for what comes next flows forth.

There is a listening that takes place, not just with my ears, but with my entire beingness. A wider listening that is as natural as breathing. An opening up to what is seen and unseen.

There is an impulse or gentle feeling to ride the wave of energy that will transport me downstream. There is the immediate accompanying thought disputing the idea of moving and transporting, for where do I really go?
All there is, is this quiet space for communing with the Divine. A soundless, wordless conversation.




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