Alignment With Source


Alignment With Source by Nicola Karesh

Alignment seems to suggest being lined up with the target or desired goal. There is no higher “goal” for me than my connection and alignment with Source. Resting always in that divine space. There are times that I believe I consciously and deliberately bring myself back to center perhaps when I stray from Source. There are other instances when the gift of grace is bestowed upon me.

I wonder about these times when I am granted Divine favour. It is as if I am wandering blindly in the desert. Lost, without a map or a clue. My whole world is taken up with this darkness, turning and spinning and knocking myself about.

Without any warning of things to come, the light is switched on and I can see. Everything internally feels open and clear and the flow from Source is unhindered. In those flashes of awareness, I breathe a sigh of gratitude for the unexpected blessing.

I have an image of a loving parent standing protectively near it’s child. Gently re-directing the young one. Allowing the child the freedom to move at will and at times, offering a supportive and guiding hand. This “prompting” feels like a reminder of some sort. The beauty when everything is synchronised with the whole. There is an “alrightness” to the world and I breathe ease.

I like the feeling of a benevolent creator looking out for me. I like the blend of knowing my own power and being divinely held. I can soar to my greatest heights surrounded by a steady stream of love. That inspires me to higher and higher ground. The Universe does have my back!

I have traveled the path of the wayward child. What a comfort to know that even when I am off course, there is a loving presence allowing me the freedom to stray while holding the gaze of light. The draw of Source is like the unseen pull of the tide. A wave that gently soothes the roughest wave and brings it back home to shore.

Being aligned with Source is that feeling of home. Whether or not you grew up in a loving home, everyone can imagine their ideal. A space where all is well no matter what.

To be fueled from this space feels like magic, but is the natural order. Divine perfection! Love.

This morning, lying down and feeling plugged into Source energy. The heavenly feeling of well-being that this brings and just the sweetest pool of love ever! When I am tuned in like this, there is the gentlest impulse to outflow the energy.

There is a natural rhythm. Inflow. Outflow. Filling up. Releasing. Appreciation. Inspired action. Breathing in all that is good and pure. Breathing out and circulating that precious love that is Source.




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