Sweet Nourishment by Nicola Karesh

Feed my soul. Nourish my spirit with the sweet elixir that is an ever-present flow from Awareness. Source is a bottomless pool. There is no end to the rich nourishment that it provides for us. I can feel the invisible life-line that links us all to creative source… the Universal flow.

I have an image of a golden, sparkling cord with love warmly pouring through. Bubbling, magical energy dancing as we are filled up with God’s infinite magic.

My sense today, is to dip deeply into the well to water my soul. To willingly partake what is given most freely and generously. To soak up all that is good and rich and pure.

Symbolically and energetically, I feel and see my hands coming together. One supporting the other as they are lifted, palms open for the holiest of communion. Tender warmth of love washes over me as I am fed.

I pause for a moment sensing there is more. An inner prompting. A desire bubbling up? Energy wanting to move, to flow from me outwards. Spirit had not finished. The “tension” has eased with my words on the page, as the message passes on to you. Golden cords of light connected and glowing like an underground network of roots.

Nourishment comes always to the upturned soul. Branches spread wide, we open in graceful surrender to the eternal stream of life.

Our hands collectively bow in thanks. The day begins.

7/24 addition: My sense is that this source of nourishment is available to us all… no exceptions. We have the choice to turn away or face the light with an “upturned soul.”




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