Light Everlasting by Nicola Karesh

I am God’s light reflecting out.
I am the twinkle in your eye.

I am the vast shores by the mossy banks of Tuvalu.
I am the gaze into no-man’s land.

I am a drunken step away from perfection.
The seed of everything ready to sprout.

I am the whisper of the wind in the trees.
I am an unsteady gait across a broken stage.

I am you rising up,
Considering the endless possibilities.

I am a sailor lost at sea,
Who remembers the spark of eternity,
That he holds in his grasp.

I am the thief who for one moment in time,
Is graced with a vision of treasure,
In his birthright.

I am sorrow that catches the breeze
And opens to the freshness of life,
Sighing no more.

I am all that I am.
One endless succession of moments,
Erupting into brilliance and
Everlasting light.

~ Nicola G. Karesh, Copyright © 2009 – All rights reserved.




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