Desire For Connection


Desire For Connection by  Nicola  Karesh

A desire to connect with you.  A wintry morning outside and I feel the impulse to write to you.

I have the thought, that a bond is always present between us.  To access that natural connection, I must simply release all else.

Questions arise.  They are not formed completely, but they relate to feeling my alignment with God and still being able to perform other functions.

I can maintain presence while I operate my mind, my body, or as I relate to others.  They don’t have to be separated or relegated to different compartments.  Spirit can colour everything in my world.

I feel the grace of this morning.  Waking and almost immediately following the impulse to connect.

My feelings are the window for the words to come pouring through.

A shadowy memory of a dream.
I could press to find it,
but I release the need
and it subsides.
Relax and sit back.
Let all else go.
Let it drop to the wayside.
The craggy shores of my mind.

Funny how I haven’t written for days and all of a sudden, I have the awareness to pick up pen and paper.

You move me, yet there is no sense of being an empty robot.

You move me, yet there is no feeling of an external force.

Everything rises, flows and falls within.  We are One.




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