Shifting Perspective


Shifting Perspective by Nicola Karesh

Feels like I’m right in the middle of this and it hurts. I know I am much bigger than this, but in this moment, I feel so small. So at the effect of circumstances around me.

One day, floating along without a care and then with no seeming warning, I am shot down.
Even as I am hurting, I know to reach for a better feeling thought. Feeding my mind the same garbage, will just keep me stuck in negativity.

There is an eternal side of me that is steady.

In time, I will be feeling better.

I can see things differently.

I am free to choose how to be in these circumstances.

Energetically, I can feel an opening in the closed walls. The space is less restrictive. Not so tight.

Somewhere outside, there are passing clouds across a clear, blue sky. A bird is soaring high and I feel the sense of freedom, being unfettered and wild.

I can feel the swinging pendulum slowing, as it comes back into balance. Homeostasis. Centre. Home.

I am feeling calm. Somewhere in my mind, I am lying in a hammock. Gentle breezes soothe my emotions and I sway to a sense of peace.

Everything is alright.


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