A Joyful Sangha


A JOYFUL SANGHA by Nicola G. Karesh

A ball of energy centered in my heart bursts into flames and joy is born. Joy is like a golden sun that shines forever on high. Eternal flames beckon and inspire all manner of growth.

Arms, like branches, spread wide to take in the warmth. Faces upturned to the light, to drink it all in. I see a field of sunflowers extended in all directions. Beautiful yellow faces tilted heaven-ward, with a slight sway from a gentle breeze. I am struck by the vision of uniformity and I can’t help but feel the parallel when we as a group align our energies. We move together as one body although we are distinct and unique in our own right. Nothing is lost in our coming together. A sea of flowers is an amazing and brilliant spectacle, as are we, when we join hands and hearts.

A sangha of sunflowers shining brightly in the sun. Standing proudly and erectly for all to see. Happiness and joy fills my heart. Leaves and petals touching and blending into one. Roots spreading and weaving webs underground… anchoring and supporting with fertile ground.

A thought for those who don’t make it. In the natural unfolding of things, they provide nourishment and sustenance for others to thrive. Nothing is wasted ever. Whether we see the connections or not, they are there. Everything is connected.


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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