Sharing Open Space

SHARING OPEN SPACE by Nicola G. Karesh

Dreaming again of lions and other big cats. Being up close with them in an open, unfenced area. Feeling drawn to their power, size… the beauty of their wildness and untamed nature. Feeling a little uneasy, uncertain of what could happen as they move, unrestricted, into my personal space.

There is a feeling of not attending to the fear. Wanting to stay still, allowing the lions to move to safety. Their land by the sea was flooding and I beckoned for them to move to higher ground. Their journey was uphill along a winding path through my garden. There is something familiar about this journey to a safe haven. Something familiar tucked away in my mind. An unknown memory prompts me to move past fear and call to them. Moves me to want safety and freedom for these creatures above all else.

Intellectually and symbolically, I have no idea, what if anything, this means. Does it really matter though?

I am left, this morning, with a tender feeling. Softness in my heart. Feels like love and compassion. Every creature, no matter how small or how grand, deserves and is worthy of our love and compassion. It takes nothing from us to freely share our hearts… to share open spaces. A wild spirit can be tamed with a tender glance… kind words. Energy flowing freely in recognition of itself.

I left this writing for several hours…

I have travelled up this winding path before. My mountain road, curving through a canopy of trees, climbing steadily upwards. I had this same feeling of familiarity. I know this path… I know this journey. I remember how I loved feeling cocooned by the trees. It created a warm feeling of being in a womb. As I wound up the mountain, it felt like I was coming home.

I want my lions to come home to a place where they feel safe, warm and held. Those lions could be anyone or anything. When you love and you care deeply, for a moment, it seems as if you lose sense of yourself. You are over there, merged into something bigger. Merged into the river of unifying energy that flows through all of humanity. Connecting threads weaving in and out… Movement, that steadily brings us home.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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