One Dark Summer’s Night


One Dark Summer’s Night by Nicola G. Karesh

Lost in the shuffle that is life.
Being cast into the shadows
Of a forgotten memory.
Displaced, errant wanderer,
Drifting along the lonely passageway of time.

Nowhere to call your home.
Nothing that feels familiar.
Weariness settles in,
Wrapping you in its tattered, worn cloak.
You huddle into the dark corners
Looking for lasting relief.

You thought you’d found it once
In the bottom of a whisky bottle.
You thought you’d found it
Between the legs of a temporary lover.
You thought you finally had it
In the warm embrace of your woman and child.

Snatched away one dark summer’s night,
By the callous hand of a stranger.
Your priceless treasure blown to bits,
In one fleeting moment of time.
Eyelids closing…
Blocking away the vision of life passing you by.
Slipping away into the blackness of despair.

Gentle tapping… tugging at your sleeve.
Chocolate brown innocence confronts you
And the outstretched hand of a boy.
The moment… but a second,
But the feeling is one of eternity.

I am lost to this world, sonny boy.
Place your bets on a horse that can ride.
I am crippled and down-trodden,
Ready to die.

The small, gloved hand is insistent.
You look into the bigness of those eyes
And remember a faraway time…
The eyes of another young child.
Come on Daddy. Time to wake up!
A dull ache rises to explode in your chest.
The tears begin to fall
And you howl in anguish for your loss.

It’s alright Mister. Really, it’ll be alright.
The words echo in your mind
Reverberating through to your soul.
Strangely, there is deep comfort here.
Maybe stars do come out again.
Maybe they will twinkle once more
On some dark summer’s night.




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