Listening To Your Higher Self

Listening To Your Higher Self by Nicola G. Karesh

Be quiet and listen. Be still and listen to what is trying to come through.

Call this person. Go here. Turn there. Do this. Wait. Go.

The messages that come from our Higher self, do not always make sense to our thinking mind. If you stop to figure it out and try to answer all of the why’s and how to’s, you may never act.

Yesterday, I floundered around wanting every question answered before I took any steps forward. I wanted every “i” dotted, every “t” crossed and every base covered. Then when it was deemed “safe”, I would step out!

Going with messages from the Higher Self require trust, faith, courage…. a willingness to go with the flow and an implicit belief that you will be led in the right direction.

Take a step forward and the Universe will rise to accommodate you. Before the questions are answered, you must take a leap of faith. Decide first. Then, things start to magically unfold before your eyes and the way is made clear.

Yesterday afternoon, I worked on an Avatar® exercise to handle my doubt, confusion and fear in the area of commitment. Years and years of junk, and I was feeling like a scared, little kid.

Minutes later, my obstacles were handled and I was faced with empty space to create what I wanted. I did. Wow! The next morning, I woke up with such certainty and clarity about what I was going to do. I was filled with ideas and the energy to really move forward into action.

Your Higher Self has all of the information and knows why. Your smaller, egoic self grapples to figure it all out with thinking, deducing… all kinds of mental activity.

The Higher Self directs us through our feelings, our intuition, our heart.

Still your mind and be present with what wants to come through and be known.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2006 – All rights reserved.
Avatar® is a registered trademark of Star’s Edge, Inc. All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Listening To Your Higher Self

  1. Thank you Bharat! I’m glad you came visiting and love what you see! The picture is of my nephew who came to visit us in the North Carolina mountains. It was his first experience with snow, mountains and so much forest land! He was in heaven!
    I have another blog on wordpress called Discover Avatar. I would explore there and then feel free to contact me for more info.
    Here is the link:

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