Playing With Passion

Playing With Passion by Nicola G. Karesh

I played my passion today.

I grew up with a field hockey stick in my hand and a love for the sport in my heart. I played seven glorious years in High school in Jamaica, before moving to the US at age 18.

Fifteen years ago at age 31, I moved to North Carolina from Tampa. I remember thinking they must play hockey up here. Shortly after, I re-connected with my love. I drove 2 1/2 hours every week to play in Atlanta for almost two years. I had not picked up a stick in almost fourteen years, but when I stepped onto that field, it all came back and I was running around feeling free. Kind of like a dog let loose from it’s cage.

It is the most delicious, delightful feeling… like riding a motorcycle without a helmet and the wind whipping through your hair! Everything dissolves away and it is just you and the present moment.

Connecting with another spirit who shares the enthusiasm, the exuberance, the elation is magical! I love the speed, the tracking, the unbridled joy, the comaraderie, the skill, the brilliance, the beauty, the passion… sweet, sweet joy!

Last month, age 46, I set an intention to play again. My stated dream – “to play with a joyful heart.”

Today, I drove almost an hour with my two children to play with an eager, ready bunch of high school girls. They had not played since last fall and were chomping at the bit as I was. I recognised the spirit. Their coach welcomed me into the fold and invited me to join them for weekend practices. Thank you dear angel!

There were comments about being out of shape, being nervous after an extended period of inactivity. I said, “don’t you play in your dreams?” I do.

As a teen, I played mostly defense. I felt a strong pull to run back and defend the goal; to protect my family. Sometimes, I played a forward and was mostly comfortable on the wing passing the ball across and forward to my team-mates. On the rare occasion when I wound up in centre position with the ball, an open field and the other team before me, I would get anxious and not know what to do with myself or the ball.

Not today. I loved being on the front line. Abraham talks about being on the leading edge of thought. I resonated with being out there on the leading edge and feeling so comfortable with that position. I felt confident, strong, full of joy and playfulness. Laughing, screaming, running wild, joking, having fun with the other players, scoring four goals, loving my chest and lungs screaming at the depth of breath… new life flowing in.

Expansion. It’s fiery. Bold. Unbridled. Totally crazy and free.

Stepping into my dream today and the screen overflowing with colour. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Revel in the magic of your desires!

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2007 – All rights reserved.


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