The Wisdom Of Life

The Wisdom Of Life

Life is a prayer. Let me open to the wisdom of it.

There is the feeling that everything I could possibly want is already right here for me. It is simply a matter of opening to the beauty and the inherent wisdom of life.

A tree doesn’t need my translation to be what it is. Life does not require that I add my interpretations, judgments, opinions, qualifications.

Just feel what is present. Experience it deeply and purely. Appreciation will naturally rise its soft and radiant bloom. Appreciate every exquisite second of the prayer that is your life.

Come to the door of awareness. Drop your requests. Let go of your demands for a moment and open to a power that knows all, sees all… is all.

Sink into the precious, yielding spirit… omnipresence… and just be. Let yourself drop away into the vast reaches of the divine embrace.

Your life is a prayer. Open to the wisdom of it right now.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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