Let It Be by Nicola G. Karesh

When I have no expectations, there is no disappointment, for there is nothing that you can do wrong in my unwritten book.

There is no scale of how it is supposed to be that I measure you by. No yard stick that takes inventory and finds you sadly lacking.

When my children are being themselves, often there is a filter over my eyes that requires them to step up and be mature. There is a hidden desire that wants them to act grown-up so I don’t have to struggle with the bits of childhood that try my patience.

I don’t know what this unspoken demand feels like for them, but it brings me to the sadness I have felt, when any part of me was deemed unacceptable by another. It also brings to mind the sheer delight when I have been my quirkiest, silliest and have been met only with a beam of appreciation.

I want this freedom of being for my little ones, for me and for you. I want to let go of any misguided notion that we should be anything but ourselves.

There is a beauty and a grace in the roads we travel, the stages we go through and the lives we create.
There is a sweetness to who we are being right now. There is a rightness to life, even when I feel the urge to change the channel or quit my subscription!

If you know me at all, you are aware that I love cats. My little biddy kitty cats at home and the big felines who have been gracing my walls, my dreams and my heart since I was little. I only have to look at them and their compadres and I melt.

Brumby at the EFRC

I adopted India, a blind tiger at the Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana and another incredible lioness, Kira, at the Conservator’s Center in North Carolina. Kira has a den buddy named Arthur. He is an adorable white tiger who is my new best friend on facebook! I think about Arthur some time during the day. I wonder what kind of day he is having and immediately feel a warmth in my heart. I wonder if the lawn-mowers have wreaked havoc in his life again, sending him scurrying to hide all day in his den box! I feel incredible joy, amusement and love even, at his lapses of concentration. Arthur loses his focus so easily at the sight of a leaf or a fluttering butterfly! I laugh as I imagine offering to teach him an exercise to manage his attention! Arthur is just being himself. His wonderful translator extraordinaire brings Arthur to life as she shares her open connection with these beautiful animals. Her appreciation comes across easily.

I am delighted, inspired, in joy and in love with Arthur! I have no expectations. I have no pre-conceived notions of how he is supposed to be or how he is supposed to act. I allow him to teach me about himself and I love every minute! What a gift to him and to me, to just loosen the need to control anything and allow the creation to speak for itself. To simply be with it, accept it as it is and let it be. I can allow life to teach me about itself as it is, so love flows forth naturally… always.

Love always,


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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