Keep Inspiration Alive

Keep Inspiration Alive by Nicola G. Karesh

Feeling this morning how inspiration can sometimes become empty. How do the good feelings disappear? How does the spark vanish and you become mechanical, just going through motions with no spirit?

I think of simple things like cooking meals. There are times when my heart is really in it. I want to create something that looks appealing and tastes delicious. My attention is focused and love is present.

The times when the preparation feels like just another unwanted chore to spit out, I am at my most unconscious and mechanical. There is no love flowing. It just feels like one more thing to get through and get done. There is no pleasure here.

When I am present, conscious and aware, I am Source energy. I am love in action and all that flows from me will be painted with that divine gold.

Humdrum will be transformed as if by magic. The magic is really just tuning into our true nature… feeling it fill you up… inspiring you.

In this divine presence there is no room for anything other than being… for serving with a loving heart.

That meal that you prepare, those words that you say, that cut that you tend to, the house that you clean, the weeds that you pull, that prayer that you offer, the kiss that is given, all that you do when you are really present and aligned with your soul, are true gifts to yourself and the world.

Love is what keeps inspiration alive.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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