Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks by Nicola G. Karesh

Taking time to be in feel and give thanks for this day.

Thanks for my life. 49 years and counting each precious day. Moments that I carve out uniquely as mine. Moments that have my imprint on them… and yours.

Thanks for our continued health and well being…your path crossing mine over and over again. You touching my soul. Many “old” friends who are back in my life, mingling with the gift of new connections that all add colour, richness and depth to the picture.

Thanks for the departed souls who have gone before, who somehow manage to still inspire us. Death does not lock doors.

Thanks for your eternal presence dear God in all ways that you appear to us and touch us with your grace. I see you in everyone and in everything…

Creamy white viburnum, the mock orange bushes with buds about to open, dangling lavender wisteria like cascading bunches of ripe grapes… greenery topped with fresh morning dew… the pileated woodpeckers courting in the trees…

You are unseen but real in my heart.

I give thanks today.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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