New Birth by Nicola G. Karesh



The status quo is like a neat, orderly house that I have spent all day cleaning, or a pleasing structure that I make with my son’s building blocks. They feel complete. I enjoy the finished product. It feels right… perfect. What can happen sooner or later for me, is that now there is the rising desire to protect the status quo at all costs. I don’t want my perfect building of blocks to be destroyed. I do not want anyone to mess up my clean house.

There enters an attachment to keep things the way they are. So, I do what I do to protect it remaining as it is.

I feel other places where this applies…

The sense that I have the right knowledge for my spiritual path. I am reluctant to hear about any other theory or practice. I don’t want anything to be able to turn me away from my course.

Something about that doesn’t feel like freedom. Something about what lies underneath, feels like fear.

Fear of the picture changing. Fear of something different coming along and sweeping me off to a new place. And, so what if it did?

I see a picture in my mind of a flock of birds flying together. They move as one body. At times, veering and swerving to the left or right. Shifting, adjusting to the winds, the currents.

I feel the movements of dancers I have been inspired by this week. There is grace, fluidity and freedom in their dance. Nothing feels stuck or restricted. There is a constant flow.

And what if the style of music were to change? What if another song calls to my ear? Appeals to my spirit? Do I follow that song with a sense of curiosity and adventure to discover where this new door will lead me? Or, am I hanging on to the old, afraid to let go and step into untouched waters?

The idea keeps coming in, that to live fully, you have to be unafraid to die. The death may be partly symbolic. The willingness to lose what is familiar, your prized possessions, all that you hold dear. The courage to lose it all… to have the old die, so that there may be room for something entirely new to break the surface and be born.

I have the feeling that some “things” may stay in place, but the open spirit that you have, will allow the old form to be re-shaped so it can evolve into something else.

The willingness to let in each new moment and all that it brings feels like precious freedom.

A birthing image emerging of stepping stones. No one right or wrong. Each simply perfect in its placement and in its ability to inspire movement in any direction.

Today, I am inspired by the music, the dancer and the dance. I feel the rhythm, the grace and the fluidity of movement. The freedom to express in ways that I am moved. The freedom to let go of old structures and to go where the winds lift me. The freedom to open to a new song, letting the music fill me up to move me.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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