Give An Old Dog A Bone

Give An Old Dog A Bone by Nicola G. Karesh



Thinking about love.  Feeling all of the ways I create barriers within my mind.  Thoughts lead to feelings of resistance and all of a sudden, there is a war between me and “them.”  My willingness to not attend to the thoughts is the catalyst for old hostilities to die.

This hostility is an old animal in my home.  It is a crotchety old dog that is tired of battle and ready to go to rest.  Sometimes, it takes nothing at all to rouse it from its dark hole under the canopy of trees… rising up to play fetch and to chase butterflies.  Sometimes, it draws a long, clanking chain and stares out at the world with red, mean eyes and dares you to make the wrong move.  Sometimes, like now, it takes a persistent ally to stroke its head… to beckon me with tenderness and this old dog rolls slowly over on its back.

Right now, I am conscious of the choice that I make every day between hatred and love.  Conscious that there is more to life than reacting with a bite and a snarl.  Conscious of a softer way that changes the lay of the land.  A gentler way of the heart that connects souls and has kindness as a best friend.  I am tired of a spirit that only goes so far.  Time to slough off the shaggy coat that serves nobody and nothing.

You know, there’s more to life than the same ol’ same ol’. I deserve better.  The world deserves better. You deserve better.


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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