Inner World Come To Life

Inner World Come To Life by Nicola Karesh



Early morning bird call reminds me that there is an outer world and a dance of life amidst the trees, the skies… beneath the earth.

There is an outer world that reflects the deep inner sanctuary of my heart.

A new day and a brand new month is revealed.  “White Rabbit,” are my first words for the day, just like my Mother taught me to say.  I believe it used to symbolise good luck and fortune.  I continue the practice today, because it easily takes me to a space of childhood wonder.  A place of delight and magic.  A place of curiosity and great imaginings.

Not too hard to see that bright-eyed bunny poking its head out through the bushes… scampering off now as it leaves an impression of anything and everything being possible.  A reminder that dreams first take place in our inner world and then one day, we look outside and there it is in all of its glory… our dreams come to life.

Today, may you open to the inner sanctuary and feel its reflection everywhere!


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


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