Echoes In My Heart

Echoes In My Heart

Echoes from the battleground
Bloodshed, bullets flying round.
Lost lives, memories, in the dark.
Slipping away with traces of the sparks,
That once were you and I.

I see you brother in the street.
I see you soldier on camouflaged feet.
I see you belly down, crawling on the floor.
I see you empty-handed, wanting more.

I see you Mama without your pot.
I see your baby’s father huddled in the dark.
I see the children wandering free,
Looking tirelessly for you and me.

I fear that we may let them down.
I fear for them without a home.
I fear the waste and loss of life.
I fear the fighting and the strife.

Wake up Grandma lying down!
We need your wisdom.  We need it now.
Don’t turn your back.  We need your faith.
Jamaica must again find its way.

We need brothers and sisters to rise in power.
Dust the ashes from this lonely hour.
Find your way back into the fold…
Back to our collective home.

Dogs barking amidst the smoke.
Babies crying… calling out.
Do you hear them?  Help them out.
Remember, we are God’s love.

Sister, you have a light to shine.
Do not wait.  Now is the time.
This is not the moment to cower.
I know you are afraid,
But people are suffering.

Innocent lives need your strength.
Lost ones need to find a way.
Someone must remain standing,
Shining brightly through rubble and ashes.

Little one, do not fear.
Auntie soon come.  She’s on the way.
She is gathering up her wounded faith.
Mending pieces of her trembling heart.

The words of our anthem,
A distant song.
Rising, rising,
Now coming strong.

“Eternal Father bless our land.
Guide us with Thy mighty hand.
Keep us free from evil powers
Be our strength through countless hours.”

In God’s name, we pray:

“Teach us true respect for all
Stir response to duty’s call.
Strengthen us, the weak, to cherish
Give us vision, lest we perish”

We open to God’s grace.
We open to His love.

“Knowledge send us, Heavenly Father
Grant true wisdom from above.”

We pledge our heart always,
To serve our island shore.
We pledge our love and loyalty
To Jamaica, our blessed home.

With God’s vision near,
We can be more.
With God’s guidance clear,
One love, one heart forever more.

“Justice, truth be ours forever
Jamaica, land we love.
Jamaica, Jamaica
Jamaica, land we love”

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.


2 thoughts on “Echoes In My Heart

  1. We are always at choice, aren’t we? Sometimes, the choosing is not very conscious, intentional or deliberate. Sometimes, the choices are not easy or clear, but ultimately, one way or another, we do decide. The choice could even be… not deciding and allowing events and circumstances to take control.

    Several months ago, when we had “trouble” back home in Jamaica, this poem is what came to my mind to share. As I become more conscious and awake, my responsibility to myself and to others, is to choose love and walk in the light. When I forget, God’s grace gifts me with the opportunity to choose again…

    Thanks for your comments and your link.

  2. Nicola,you mention a list of a few things or thoughts that go through our minds when we are confronted with a problem or problemns on planet earth.

    Nothing spiritual exists in your body, it only appears in thought within your mind.

    Nothing material (your body) lives in the spiritual world, but what you see, hear, smell and taste are also expressed in your mind.

    Your mind receives a thought expressed by GOD and the devil, also feelings received by the body.
    What you receive from GOD’S power of love and the devil’s power of greed, lust, hate etc. becomes a choice in your mind as to what you accept in thought.

    THOUGHTS and FEELINGS flow through the mind and you must accept what gives you peace of mind.
    If your thoughts and feelings are in tune, harmonize, then this will make you happy in spirit. If they are not in tune then you will be unhappy in spirit.

    Have a look at for more information.

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