Minions and Angels

Minions and Angels by Nicola G. Karesh


Minions and Angels

Find a way to add wonder and awe,
To the commonplace things of life.
Find a way to summon a star
Into the yawning, cavernous dark.

Open up to feel your way,
Across the wide expanse of your soul.
Life is patiently waiting for you,
To loosen control and let go.

Down into its embracing, velvety midst.
Into the magic of love and the Divine.
Into the secret folds of Yourself,
Minions and angels together will shine.


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2010 – All rights reserved.

(Author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections available through Amazon –,  Barnes & Noble – and – for autographed, multiple and ebook copies)


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