To Know

TO KNOW by Nicola Karesh

To know freedom,
I have tasted the tight enclosures of a prison cell
Of my own making.
To see the light,
I have stumbled and blundered my way through the darkness.
Turn around, see anew.
To know truth,
I have spun lies, webs of deceit, shades of gray.
Let the binds fall.
To know you,
I have traversed every inch of me, laid myself bare
My reflection looking back.
To know life force,
I have faltered and floundered, powerless, frustrated, enraged.
Resist no more.
To know love,
I have felt utter hatred, complete separation, a desire to wound.
Remove the blocks.
Feel the fresh air.
A new perspective.
The view is clean, clear, pure.
Wide, open space.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2006 – All rights reserved.

Photo “chinese painting” by Jenny Downing


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