Heart Of A Child

Heart Of A Child by Nicola G. Karesh

If I had the heart of a child, I could see fairies in the magical twilight hour.  With the purity and open space of a babe, I could see and feel angels surround me.  With an innocent ear, I can hear the Universe’s sweet serenade…

Notes cascading from the heavens like a majestic waterfall, pouring lovingly into expectant streams.

Like the brightest of stars, I can gently take it all in with a sigh.  The wonder and brilliance of my own light shining next to yours.  Captured scenes laid out at my feet like wondrous puzzles to enjoy.

Feeling the support of unseen hands, like a baby bird, I am ready to fly.

With trust burning brightly in my soul, like a child, I give the dance of my life in this unfolding moment.

Mother is like the softest cushion on which I may fall and never lose.

Father is all that I cannot see, but like fairies and angels, I know He is here.  I feel His presence in lush meadows, a dried up river and the moving flow of life… with the heart of a child.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.

(Photo by Clive Smith photography – All rights reserved.
E-mail: csmith7841@aol.com or clivesmith22@yahoo.com)


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