Walking In Faith

Walking In Faith by Nicola Karesh

Praying for souls to be washed clean and made pure.  Sometimes, death may be the stabilising force that returns us to “balance.”

When a brother or sister commits acts of evil in the world, I wonder how the Buddha would respond to them?  Picturing all of the great souls… Jesus, Martin Luther King Junior, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, St. Francis of Assisi… How  would they greet any lamb who had gone astray?  Feeling their presence and guidance in this moment, to follow our hearts home….

A message coming forth from Quan Yin, the Buddhist Goddess of compassion,  to let “it” go to Spirit.  There we will find the answers that exceed our earthly expectations.

I open to compassion and forgiveness, for there is my true salvation and freedom.

May our loving hearts open wide to transmit a unified force of love and healing in the world.  May our intentions once again be pure through each other and ourselves.

May we walk in faith to be that bigger picture in life.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.


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