The Whisper Of An Angel

For my dear friend Carolyn.  In memory of her brother, Dr. Robert Carr.  Holding you and your precious family in my heart…

The Whisper Of An Angel by Nicola Karesh

When life slips away
Into the night.
You’re like a disappearing kite tail
Drifting from my sight.

There must be some evidence
To know you were here.
I look around
But now nothing is clear.

Then a sweet angel
Whispers into my ear,
“The loved one you seek,
Is no longer out there.”

Follow the spark
That lives in your heart.
Your precious one
Eternally lights up the dark.

He’ s not gone forever.
Bring him to mind.
His memory and love
You forever will find.

Tucked in your heart,
Where love surely grows.
He is here for you always.
Be still and you’ll know.

 Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.


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