Loving Arms

Loving Arms
by Nicola G. Karesh

I have had occasion recently to feel horrified by our sometimes violent nature and our capacity to do harm to each other.  The balancing or neutralizing factor that brings me home to a feeling of stability, is the strong presence of the witness nature.  I can feel this steady, solid energy that is untouched, unphased and is a place for me to fall back into.  Loving arms.

I have seen the depths of our depravity and I can pass no judgment, for I’ve been there.  I have felt anger take hold of me and I not want to let go.

So, while there is a horrified “I can’t believe this,” I can believe it.  I have felt it.  I can imagine getting to that extreme level.  Once again I breathe, “There but for the grace of God go I.”

In a moment of unconsciousness I join you.  I am you.

Breathing a sigh.  Identification, understanding and yes, sweet compassion.

I move my attention to the stillness of awareness that I feel “in the distance.”  Awareness is neutral… passing no judgment and holding no opinion.

I bring myself closer to sink into the rock steady Source that is always here.

I should always rest in this vital energy.  The horror is gone and I feel a brother… myself… making our way back to the light.  Keeping the channels of love and inclusion open, we all stand a chance of turning around and making the journey home.  For some it will be short and for others, a long and arduous trek through stony ground.  But even in rocky soil, a flower can push up and emerge.  There are always cracks in the surface for life force to spring forth.  I’ve seen it.  I’ve done it.

I see us making a long, unending chain of connection with all of creation.  “Hands” touching each other until the “last one” feels the inspiration and inclination to turn around and come home to us.

Sometimes it is me who is the dreaded enemy behaving abominably.  Sometimes it is you.  There are days when we lose our head, our footing, our vision and we falter, stumble and crash.  There are always second chances.  On the million and oneth time that we miss the mark, awareness beams steady and bright.  The opportunity to come to our senses eludes no one.  Even in death, a fallen angel can come home.  Thank God.

Leave no one out in your prayers. .. not even the darkest souls.  They too can enter the healing night.

I feel us coming home.  Join me in holding sacred space for us all to come home.

A couple hours later, sitting, playing cards with my son… my daughter reading to the side, I have a clear vision of the spectrum of choice.  Paths that are always open to us.  I can feel the all-encompassing “purity” of Source Energy.  Divine innocence and light to my left.  To the far right, the closed off heart space of unawareness and ignorance of being.  “Steps” in either direction will take you somewhere entirely different.

A vision of turning and walking in the opposite direction, against the flow of automated  soldiers.  The strengthening as I come home to a feeling of Source Energy.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.
(author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections


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