Love Wins The Day


Love Wins The Day by Nicola Karesh

 The feeling of the Divine filled me up so much, it feels as if I would burst my seams.

And what if I did?  Would love come pouring out like a runaway train?  Bowling everyone over with its powerful energy?

When my love comes, it won’t be coming on stockinged feet.  This takeover will be wild, lifting me up and out of my ordinary self.  Love will take prisoners and leave nothing or no one behind.

I would say that it’s pointless to struggle.  Lay yourself down at the feet of the Divine and prepare to surrender.  Lay bare your soul for love is coming like the mighty wind and nothing will be left hanging out to dry.

When this “storm” comes, do not take cover.  Rise up trembling and meet your match. 

The verdict is out and love will win the day.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.
(author of “Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections“) 

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