Childhood Fancy

Childhood Fancy by Nicola Karesh

Carved out holes with dirt and marbles.
Bulging pockets with frogs and fables.
Spreading trees that call my name.
Roller coaster rides again and again.

Mysterious caves to explore with friends.
Campfire songs that never end.
Secret diaries with little keys.
Dreams of kisses, birds and bees.

One day driving my own model car.
One day, I’ll be some child’s superstar.
For now I’m happy to be me.
Completely entranced, delighted… free.

When my age changes its numbers
May life always keep me humble.
Still wide open to appreciate the mystery
Spell-bound, creating my brand of history.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.
(author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections


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