“Spa Time for Teens”

Memories of “Spa Time for Teens…”

A huge shoe pile at the front door!  Starting off and it being oh so quiet. Someone new to our group and the good feeling as she was welcomed right in!  Before long, everyone warmed up and the fun began!  One by one, they had individual time with me, the bathroom sink and the instant manicure!  Oh my gosh, this smells like heaven! What is this stuff?! Wow, my hands feel like silk!

Quick basics of skin care with a fun visual of cornflakes, raisins and plump, green grapes in a jar to show the layers of our skin.  These girls are at the perfect age to start taking care of their skin and reaping the rewards with how their skin looks and feels. Rapt, intent faces, soaking up every tidbit of information!

Upstairs to my huge bathroom and our in-home spa for the evening…

Putting on headbands for you and bandeaus for me… Cleansing and exfoliating… double lines at both sinks.  No way can we be split up! Together, we get to hear all the priceless comments, see each other enjoy the treats of the evening and we even get to feel the newly discovered soft skin on everyone’s face! The power of first-hand experiencing of the skin care maintenance process:  cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturise.

Mmmm, this smells so good.  Wow! My skin feels so squeaky and clean.  Feels so soft and looks so fresh!  No added fragrance and it smells so good!
I had a huge smile as all the girls crowded around each other in wonder and amazement!  I’m feeling it girls… me too!  A couple Moms in the background sneaking pictures and definitely ready for their Mom Spa Time! It’s coming ladies!

Break time with brownies, cookies, chips and dip, trail mixes and sparkling fruit punch.  Girl talk that didn’t want to end!

Back to the “spa” for the good smelling bath and body treatments.  “Smells so good, I could eat it” wonders!

“Does that stuff make my feet soft, Miss Nicola?”
“Yes, it sure does.”
“Oh no, we have to keep our calluses for dance class!”

Did that stop us? No! They got the salty foot scrub, frozen foot crème… all covered with a brand new sock on their hands! No stopping us!

The rest of our group had a royal Roman bath treatment, or, it seemed like it anyway!  Five girls climbed into my Jacuzzi tub and sat on the edge with feet ready for a good time!  Minty foot spray followed by what was supposed to be a foot scrub.  Oops.  “Oh, Miss Nicola?  My scrub doesn’t feel gritty.  It feels pretty creamy.”  That’s because I gave you the foot crème instead of the scrub! Fun opportunity for them to wipe the excess on my arms and for me to spray their feet with cool water!  Everything becomes a glorious opportunity for fellowship and fun!

Pepperminty like toothpaste! Smell of lime.  Herbal Serenity. Yummy foot crème covered with socks and we head for my blue sitting room…

White covered lips and an awesome mask for the mouth! Got to get off the dry or dead skin cells to reveal… soft, kissable lips! Mom’s snapping pictures! Tangy and luxurious lip balms afterwards and it is winding down time.

One girl leaves early and is eager to get her “starter set!” “You didn’t tell us you were leaving early!”  Yells of “Bye Patricia!!!”  “We love you Patricia!!!”  Heart moments that you can’t force.  They just happen and there is the blessing and grace of life in that moment.

Back upstairs to the blue room…

My 8 year old son sneaks in to light the candle! This was his favourite part of the evening.  Sitting in the dark, flashlight in hand, watching the flickering candle.  Sitting behind me on the edge of the circle…

Circle Time…

Me Time. Girl Time. God Time.

Loving ourselves and each other as sisters.  The goodness of life filling our hearts.  Hugs and smiles. Passing the “heart” and sharing our favourite moments.  Looking around the circle… Feeling wishes and blessings for ourselves and for every girl present.  Blowing out our candle together on the count of three…

I am still soaking up the gift of this shared experience!

Does it get any better than this?  You betcha!  See you next month!

Girl Time with Nicola (on facebook) http://on.fb.me/qzlKvB
Independent Consultant page:  http://bit.ly/pNX3SV

Another Mom’s perspective:  Girl Spa Time!!!


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