Opening to the Lord’s Prayer…

Opening to the Lord’s Prayer.

Feeling the Kingdom, the Power and the Glory… 
Feeling in my heart the absolute certainty that, as it is above in Heaven, so it will be below…

Last night, the magic of this prayer between my son and myself. Heated, charged words that slipped away with my opening to “Forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” 

Softening with the willingness to forgive, to release and to let go. The gift expanding, as my son follows suit and the barriers between us fall… The pathway is clear for love to shine…

Love Shining

With the breath of forgiveness,
My heart opens to let love shine.
With an internal step,
The Divine Light enters my eyes.

Cleared passageways
That reveal my heart.
The gift of Your Presence,
Illuminating the dark.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2011 – All rights reserved.

(Photo of my son, Mikkel, enjoy the pathways and the delightful green energy in surrounding Brevard, North Carolina.)


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