Capturing Goodness

Capturing Goodness by Nicola G. Karesh

I love when my heart feels like melted toffee! The warmest of rich browns, with a feeling like it could spread everywhere.

In this moment, I feel God and know that He is in every corner, crack and crevice.  He is the living, breathing Substance that permeates All.

Living and non-living marry and I sense the joyous coupling.

This is how I write. I feel what I feel and whether or not my intellect approves or can make sense out of it, I don’t care.  Something is here to be expressed and God seems to like me in that expressive role.  As I capture my feelings and accompanying thoughts, the liquid warmth continues to flow.  Its presence tells me that I serve my Creator and not my ego.

Energy is open and flowing and there is delightful movement!

Ego is more restrictive and choppier in motion.  The walls are narrower and more confining.

I like holding hands with Spirit.  Creation is playful and adventurous.  I feel expectant, like a child on Christmas Day.

Today is a good day.  I am happy to be alive to see and feel it.  To celebrate the goodness evident  in all things.


Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.
(photo ‘it’s always daisy time’ artfully captured by Jenny Downing


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