Freedom Reigns

Freedom Reigns by Nicola Karesh

Respect will flow some day
Like a mighty train.
Filling every portal
Greeting each station
And making every stop.

Courage will become familiar
And shall rise on command
When the moment demands.

Love will be the clue
That your life is wide open
Like your most prized book.
It shall fill your heart
‘Til nothing but sweetness pours through.

Freedom will reign
For it is the King
Whose time has come.
Every colour, every race
All creeds, sexes,
Inclinations, denominations and aspirations
Will feel its triumphant spirit
Lifting us up.

Look around.
The promised land is here.
Look around.
We are that beloved community
That our forefathers and grandmamas
Dreamed about.

Look down.
Black, white, red, yellow and brown
Are intertwined
And locked in spectacular harmony.

The time has come
Brothers and sisters.
Freedom Reigns!

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.

(I chose Jenny Downing’s ‘wrong note perhaps’ photo because I like the feeling of light-heartedness, joy, music and fun that it conveys!)


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