Feel The Glory

Feel The Glory by Nicola Rickards Karesh

Expecto Patronum! I hear Harry Potter’s voice to the other students, “Allow it to fill you up…” and I think of love filling every empty space, every portal and love just can’t be contained.  The inclination is to spill over and spread… to touch lives, so one day, we collectively, can feel the glory of our Creator.

I wonder if one day God just felt so full with love, that His energy literally burst wide open?! I imagine each of us as one of those magical sparkles of love.

We are meant to shine! We are meant to touch lives as only we can and in love, may we always express the fullness of God.

Nicola Rickards Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.

(Nicola is a writer and poet from Kingston, Jamaica.
Author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections.)

(I chose Jenny Downing‘s ‘overgrown’ photo, because it feels so symbolic of something that just defies being confined to one space! Like God.  Like Love. Like us, if we allow ourselves to feel the Glory!)


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