Almighty Conviction

Almighty Conviction by Nicola Karesh

I pray for soldiers everywhere
That they hold on to their minds.
May they realise true purpose
As they stumble across demanding lines.

I pray for little children.
That they know the freedom of play.
May their bellies be full and satisfied
As they experience God in their day.

I pray for the disenchanted.
Let God’s Grace turn them around.
Opening to a new breath,
A new chorus, rhythm and sound.

I pray for my roots soul sisters.
May the ample breadth of your heart and vision,
Include us in its loving wrap
Comforting and lifting us with precision.

My dear brothers of fire and spirit,
What do I wish for you?
Continued strength of your foundation,
Almighty conviction to see our vision through.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved. 
(author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections)


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