Occupy My Soul

Occupy My Soul by Nicola Rickards Karesh

Occupy reminds me of gypsies and caravans,
jugglers and Martin Luther King fans.
Processions, parades and energy
that moves, swirls,
doesn’t stand still occupying dead space.

Occupy is a catalyst, a force
that reminds

live, breathe and love with a heart
that is full, full, full and willing to ride.

Next time we sit on our complacent backsides,
Let us remember that history in the making
is often messy and resembles
A frey.

Do not be afraid to enter
and get your feet dirty…
let a hair slip out of place.
Your heart will soar to be involved
to care
to be on the side of truth

and an everlasting victory
that rings clear in our souls.

Nicola Rickards Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.



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