Redeeming Spirit

I am thankful that I’ve never had to stand before an official to be scrutinized, later to be summed up as inferior, rejected and de-classified.

I have felt judged for my religious preferences before, but not to the degree that someone wanted me eliminated and wiped out.  It feels beyond sad to me to imagine something reverent and sacred being tarnished with shame.

I have had family disputes and disagreements before, but never to the extent of turning on each other and viewing another with contempt.

It saddens me to feel the enormity of lives lost… so many, that naked bodies were bulldozed just like bits of dirt.

I hope that those who lived have somehow retained or remembered how special they are in God’s eyes.  Man’s eyes can see falsely and I would hate for a living or departed soul to be locked into feeling that they were anything less than beautiful.

I am saddened for the multitudes who were shoved about like cattle.  Carted off, dumped, critiqued for life or death… slaughtered.

It’s possible to come back from an experience such as this and not lose your center or spirit.  I wish nobody ever had to find out how.

Nicola Rickards Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.


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