Reflect Life’s Smile

Reflect Life’s Smile by Nicola Rickards Karesh

Before I die, I hope that I can look back and feel a legacy for my children and the world…

A legacy doesn’t have to be something huge.  It could be something simple… seemingly small.

Maybe the capacity to see hope when times are bleak.

The ability to not despair when life looks bad, because expectancy grows in my heart and always sees salvation.

What is here to learn?  What can I take from this to turn me around, move me forward, open me up, remind me of you?

Everything serves the whole.  From my homeland, I took to heart our motto, “Out of Many, One People,” and colour and separateness became irrelevant.

Inclusion matters.  Finding ways to link and connect lives to feed a global “island” spirit… 

The ability to feel compassion, to recognise your soul moving in another.  Give people a chance to untangle themselves from choking weeds and feel the hint of sunlight warming bent backs.

May we never underestimate a lost spirit’s capacity to rise, for an essential puzzle piece can fall right into the slot when you least expect it and vision is cleared. 

May we never lose sight of the power of a smile to transform darkness, to light up a room, dispelling shadows beyond life’s walls. 

May we remember that the same touch that causes a feline to purr, can be a life-line for a struggling brother or sister.

A gentle touch on the shoulder could be all he needs for the dam to burst.

That bear hug could be all it takes to remind our sister that she is not alone… Someone still cares enough to reach out and touch your life, 

Your heart…

To give your soul a reflecting smile.

Nicola Rickards Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.


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