Asking for the MOON


Life took a surprising curve by way of my husband asking me to let him know what would make my heart sing. 

For several days now, I faced the question which related to my marriage somewhat blankly.  What could he do for me that would feel over the top? 

Did I want over the top in my marriage? Seems like a stupid question really, yet, here I am…

My heart seemed to go to simple things that bring me joy… things that make me happy to live out my years with this extraordinary mate.  Did I rule them out, because they don’t feel like an extreme high?  They feel like a sweet hum that is delicately in the middle… kind of level with my heart.

With enough space… my heart began to reveal itself to itself and I am unexpectedly and delightedly filled with  possibilities. 

That’s all for you right now! 



(photo of mistletoe in winter)


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