The Path Of Grace


The Path Of Grace by Nicola Karesh

Following the path that life opens before me…

Even though there is no “have to” or “supposed to,” I can feel in my heart the wisdom and rightness of the brilliant curve of this moment.

Widen the viewpoint and a myriad of perfect choices stands before me, because there can be no wrong moves in life.

Each strip of road unfolds to a succession
Of wins, losses, realisations, insights,
Whacks, jolts
That tug gently
Sometimes with dogged persistence
To see reality for what it really is,
Not what we have tightly boxed,
Packaged and down-sized it to.

Feeling that restricted space and I encounter
The militant child hunkering down in my heart.
You have served me well
My faithful soldier.
I need to tell you now, that the war is over.
Enemy camps have effectively camouflaged the beloved,
But set hostility aside,
And love will be found.

This is your Truth.
Fear not.
In due time, others will discover their own.
Love may sometimes be reluctant to emerge.
You have seen the workings of the world
And the necessity to put on suits of armour from time to time.

Pay attention though to when life sweet talks you
To lay down arms and step into the sunshine.
A bridge will emerge through the mine-fields
Strategically propelling you through the darkness.

On the other side,
Without a shadow of doubt,
Grace will lay before you
With a peace sign in her hand.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2013 – All rights reserved.
(photo Lennon Wall Imagine by Adam Zivner)


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