On Retreat…

On Retreat…

(written during a 5 night silent retreat at Red Feather Lake, Colorado)

Fluttering leaves that shimmer silver.  Jewels of the earth that inspire me to notice, to feel, to love.

May I register that ease one day with my human friends.

May I be as graceful as that shimmering tree.  Standing in my own, grounded and rooted in the depths of dark Mother.  Open to the spacious heavens who adore me.

Life can be that simple.  Open to heaven and earth.  Love and be loved.  I would add kindness… To feel where you are being called to be kind.  To hear the call from the Universe and to respond in whatever capacity you are inspired to move.

To hold energy.  To bless.  To listen with God’s ears.  To embrace.  To reach out.  To be still.  To not speak.  To be fierce yet mindful.  To be all that you are called to be.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2013 – All rights reserved.


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