give it my all

kanuga by nicola karesh

Dear God,

Thank You for this glorious day.  I plan to enjoy every second!  Please help me to remain aware and enlightened as I move through the day. 

Help me to see the Glory that is You everywhere I look.  Sometimes when I see the surface of things, it’s not so clear to me that You dwell within, but when I see with my heart, I know that You do.

May I be a friend to those who may need one, particularly those without a voice.

If today was my last one, my wish is that I come to “the table” with a feeling of completeness, satisfaction and love firing all cells.  I gave life my all… the best of my ability and I could depart with a smile on my lips.

My loved ones would be happier knowing that they got to know the real me.  I revealed myself in all my quirky colours.  I held nothing back. Why would I?  You are present in all of me… in all of us… and we are here to reveal the Divinity of You as it shines ever ready through each of us.

Thank You for this day.  I commit to give it my all.




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