Eternal Moonlight


Eternal Moonlight by Nicola Karesh

(written while on retreat….)

Free is giving birth to that wail of sorrow that feels your pain
… my pain …
not holding it in so it becomes
muted and has no voice
I am free to be me when the laughter wants to burst forth and I let it.
“What’s the joke?” you say.
“I don’t know,” I say.
On the surface, there’s nothing.
But somewhere below,
I can feel the current of joy
and I grab hold
and ride it.
The freedom to be me shifts
with the passing of time
As this me erupts into the next
Time shapes, molds, cajoles, wears down
And I am in this now
and this now
and this now
and this…
Am I free to be me?
Sometimes, I show up and I ache
with an eternity of sadness.
The sadness that wants trees to live forever
and tigers to have homes.

Sometimes, I show up, fierce and growling.
I might as well wear a sign that reads
Tread lightly.
Danger ahead.

Sometimes, life feels too much
and I want to burrow down
deep in a hole
to never come out


someone or some thing speaks softly,
sweetly, gently… inviting
like the lullaby of the leaves
And my spirit sighs
It recognises God in your depths
And what could be more
freeing than that?

Sometimes, I open the door.
I free myself
For I remember,
The real me dances with the Divine
in eternal moonlight
It is the One who holds life itself
in Its grasp
who knows no bounds
or restrictions
How could you curtail freedom?

It may take itself on a royal adventure
that mimics hell.
At some point before the dawning of eternity
It will break free to abandon the ride.

For remember…
we are meant to dance with freedom
under a moonlit sky
eternally blessed
with Divine Light.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2014 – All rights reserved.


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