Call To Council



(Watching the peaceful protest followed by angry rioting in Charlotte, N.C. last night, it was as if I was watching a bad movie that has evolved into our shared life. Is violence the way? I understand it, but I don’t believe that it is the way. It has definitely become part of the “stew,” the mix and the unfolding process that seeks to educate and inform us about how we are missing the boat. It seeks to WAKE US UP!!! Is it understandable? Of course it is. Emotions are not just spilling over, they are spewing and erupting with force. It is way beyond time for change.  Even though you may not like what you see, allow it to inform, guide and direct who you are called to be today; how you are being directed and inspired to show up and serve. We are way beyond the dress rehearsal stage!)

Lost souls are falling down into the darkness
Falling by the wayside
As we continue to fail them one by one.

We fail them when we forget who we truly are at our heart center
And instead, mask as lies, deceipt and disingenuousness.
We fail them when we place the false idols of corruption and greed
Before the basic goodness of loving care and right action.
We fail them when injustice and inequality takes a front seat
To honouring the sacredness of each white, red, yellow, black and brown soul.

All lovingly and deliberately placed on this earth plane for their highest good 
And for our own.

Every loss, every missed step, misstep, 
Every unheard bellow for salvation and heaven on earth
Calls us to step up our “game,”
To take our seat at the council table for all of humanity.

To declare our intention to
Do good
See good
Recognise it
Praise it
Inspire it for all who come under our radar and beyond
To shine God’s merciful Light brightly, consistently…

There are lives whose continued existence are dependent
On our non-actions or inspired actions. 
Who are you called to be in this moment
And what, if anything, are you being called to do?
Now.  This very day.  This precise moment. 
Not an off in the distance hope without shape and form,
But a crystal clear vision that is honed with precision
Firmly rooted in the now.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2016 – All rights reserved.


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