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Welcome to A Call To Grace. May you find great enjoyment here!


Nicola Rickards Karesh

Nicola is an international poet, writer and published author of Morning Glory: Poetry And Reflections.  

“I value freedom, truth and being real.  I love to work in the community, to bring people together, especially from different backgrounds, so that we may best learn from each other and share who we are at the core.  I always find a way to involve the Arts and nature and wherever it may prove beneficial, I always draw on my own life experiences.”

Originally from Jamaica, she lives with her two children in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

“I love being in the midst of nature, the incredible forests, inspiring blue mountains all around. I grew up with the comforting sight of hills and mountains always in the background… the restful view of the sea in the distance. Being close to nature is something that I still cherish. I consider the outdoors to be God’s instant meditation room! No matter what I am experiencing, I can count on Mother Nature to impart her soothing influence.”

Where to connect:

nicola@comporium.net (e-mail)
https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B003T84O7K (Author page on Amazon)

God’s sweet grace to you,




16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, Nicola – love this site – and your writing! You are truly a Divine Instrument of Spiritual Communication! Your words ring true in my heart…
    Blessings and Love –

  2. Very nice site you have, Nicloa. Lovely writing, lovely pictures and quotes. My husband and I are blessed to visit Jamaica every February. I have to say I am completely drawn there and so adore the Jamaican people. Love, light and beauty at its best.

  3. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Loved the page a lot dear Nicola.

    Wishong you the best always, rokSana.

  4. Hi Polly! Nice to see you here! No this site is not new. Being on facebook with me, you will find many of these posts in my notes or in my fb group: Dancing With The Divine. Let me know when your Avatar site is up and running. I’d love to link to it! Feels great that you are stepping way out in courage and experiencing many blessings as a result! Way to go! I find that I use this site to “house” a lot of my work, but have my interaction on a regular basis through facebook. Interested to hear what you discover. Love to you too!

  5. Hey Nicola: Glad I decided to check out your site. Love this and the responses you have gotten are great. Is This a new site? I have been on your Avatar site and love it. I am in the process of editing a new site, Quiet Mind Guide.com. That is my Avatar site and I can hardly wait to get it up and running. I want a page for interaction much like this one included in my site. You have shown me what I can do. I so long for a connection with those who are awakening from the deep sleep we have been in. It takes some of us a long time to gain the courage to step out (way out!) of our comfort zones and grab the brass ring of true freedom…..the kind that comes from an open heart and willing spirit and mind. I love it here in this new inner place. Calm, quiet, and above all appreciative. Love you. Polly B

  6. Thank you for your beautiful message, your honesty and courage to share beauty in the world with all that is happening around you. I will look for you on facebook Tina, thanks for the invitation!

  7. What a blessing to find you. I am in the middle of huge challenges right now. My husband and I live in michigan and are both unemployed, we are on the verge of losing our home which has devasted our family. I am a writer and photographer..I just completed a childrens book which is now in cirulation to several publishers. I also am completing another book with my inspirational messages and reflections on truth. My photographs are combined with my words. I grew up in a very abusive home. The outdoors became my salvation from the inside hell. I felt as though our divine mother earth held me close and brought me peace. take a look at my photos on facebook I would love to be your facebook friend. Heartfelt blessings to you….tina dunn

  8. Hi Nicoloa,

    I love what you’re doing here. Beautiful words, beautiful pictures, beautiful thoughts!

    Namaste ~ beautiful spirit ~

  9. Nicola:

    This is a wonderful idea which illustrates the joyful, fun-loving spirit you have cultivated over the years. Thanks so much for the gifts of friendship and laughter. I expect to be in touch very soon and wish you every success in this new venture.

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