Phoenix Rising


Phonenix Rising

Burning that penetrates so deep and wide
You could rip your skin right off.

Peel it back to expose the untouched for sweet relief. 

Pushed to the edge of powerlessness
and it now occurs to you to simply
let go and jump.

Jump right in and taste the swirling waters
without any paddle.

Let the burn sear to the bone
smouldering hot
taking everything with it
and you cease to ask for mercy
because the time has come
to enter the flames
to give yourself over
to what will consume you
burn you right out
to a pile of ashes
where if odds are in your favour
a phoenix will arise.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.


Eternal Moonlight


Eternal Moonlight by Nicola Karesh

(written while on retreat….)

Free is giving birth to that wail of sorrow that feels your pain
… my pain …
not holding it in so it becomes
muted and has no voice
I am free to be me when the laughter wants to burst forth and I let it.
“What’s the joke?” you say.
“I don’t know,” I say.
On the surface, there’s nothing.
But somewhere below,
I can feel the current of joy
and I grab hold
and ride it.
The freedom to be me shifts
with the passing of time
As this me erupts into the next
Time shapes, molds, cajoles, wears down
And I am in this now
and this now
and this now
and this…
Am I free to be me?
Sometimes, I show up and I ache
with an eternity of sadness.
The sadness that wants trees to live forever
and tigers to have homes.

Sometimes, I show up, fierce and growling.
I might as well wear a sign that reads
Tread lightly.
Danger ahead.

Sometimes, life feels too much
and I want to burrow down
deep in a hole
to never come out


someone or some thing speaks softly,
sweetly, gently… inviting
like the lullaby of the leaves
And my spirit sighs
It recognises God in your depths
And what could be more
freeing than that?

Sometimes, I open the door.
I free myself
For I remember,
The real me dances with the Divine
in eternal moonlight
It is the One who holds life itself
in Its grasp
who knows no bounds
or restrictions
How could you curtail freedom?

It may take itself on a royal adventure
that mimics hell.
At some point before the dawning of eternity
It will break free to abandon the ride.

For remember…
we are meant to dance with freedom
under a moonlit sky
eternally blessed
with Divine Light.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2014 – All rights reserved.

It’s About Damn Time!

2014-09-05 108

It’s About Damn Time! by Nicola Rickards Karesh

If I were a black man in today’s society, I doubt that I would be able to keep a level head.

I am considering whether or not to go for brutal honesty, or to carefully weigh my words for fear of inciting the rabble to rouse!

Dial the years back a few… change my gender, recorded ethnicity so someone can squeeze my rich heritage into a tiny box,  keep emotions and personality as they were…

I’d be liable to be running wild in a street, protesting, burning a GMO field or two or three or…. not pulling over in a remote area for anyone no matter that I see a badge or a uniform.  I am driving to the well-lit, populated parking lot, so I have a witness with nothing going down in the dark, behind-the-scenes, alley. 

I doubt that I’d be embracing turn the other cheek mentality.  How long would I have to intern under Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., or be a devout disciple to Jesus to be crucified without a physical fight? These men had fire in their bellies and peace lighting their hearts.  I wasn’t that enlightened back then and it’s questionable, even though I’d like to think that I’m noble, if I would be an angel when greeted with a constant, barrage of darkness.

Lift me up God. Show me the holy way.

At 18, I had fire, but peace was not yet a permanent fixture in my house.  I’m sure I’d be making a list and thinking up ways to get retribution.  I wouldn’t be forgetting anything! Every wrongful death, unwarranted imprisonment, misuse of force and power, would be notches on my belt and by hell or high water, I’m going to get every one of you back.  See, I hadn’t learned the serenity prayer yet. 

I would have the wild-eyed bravado to think I can affect change and if the now corrupt, legal channels weren’t working for me, then who am I to become a doormat? 

Complacency has never been my middle name.I would have the wild-eyed bravado to think I can affect change and if the now corrupt, legal channels weren’t working for me, then who am I to become a doormat? 

I’m surprised that there aren’t more riots.  I’m surprised there isn’t more destruction.  I’m not surprised that people are beginning to rise up.  It’s about damn time.

Nicola Rickards Karesh, copyright © 2014 – All rights reserved.