Bless The Souls

Lost souls are falling down into the darkness
Falling by the wayside
As we continue to fail them one by one.

We fail them when we forget who we truly are at our heart center
And instead, mask as lies, deceipt and disingenuousness.
We fail them when we place the false idols of corruption, intimidation and greed
Before the basic goodness of loving care and right action.
We fail them when injustice and inequality takes a front seat
Instead of honouring the sacredness of each red, yellow, white, black and brown soul
All lovingly and deliberately placed on this earth plane for their highest good
And for our own.

Every loss, every missed step, every mis-step,
Every unheard bellow for salvation and heaven on earth
Calls us to step up our “game,”
And take our seat at the council table for all of humanity,
For all of life.

To declare our intention
To do good
To see good
To recognise it
Praise it
Inspire it for all who come under our radar and beyond
To shine God’s merciful Light brightly, consistently.

For there are lives whose continued existence are affected
by our non-actions and our inspired actions.
Who are you called to be in this moment
And what, if anything, are you being called to do?
Now. This very day. This exact moment.
Not an off in the distance, fleeting hope without shape and form,
But a crystal clear vision that is lovingly rooted in the now
Honed with absolute precision and grace.

May each soul here feel blessed and may we in turn pass on the offering, so that in time, darkness will have nowhere to grow and all beings may realise peace
And so it is brothers and sisters.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2016 but please share freely

(read at the Election Eve Prayer Service at Ingram Auditorium, Brevard College, Brevard, N.C. – November 7, 2016)



The Promised Land


The Promised Land by Nicola Rickards Karesh

Thinking about the promised land and the beloved community.  I feel myself there.

Who will be by my side?

Who is walking the light-filled path with me?

But what about the others?

There, but for the Grace of God, go I and once upon a time, I was in the dark, unaware and completely unconscious.  Driven by a narrow margin, rim and edge of what served self.  I wonder if someone would have imagined wide enough to include me?

Is my field broad enough… generous in its capacity to include those whose backs are turned away?

Prayer could never leave anyone out.  Someone must bless the sinners and the uninformed, just as surely as God blesses me with His Grace when I am spinning with eyes closed in the dark.

The promised land is that all-inclusive peace that is here for us all.

The beloved community wraps each one in its tender folds.  Some are being gently coaxed to open their eyes.  Others are blessed and held as they go as they may.


I feel the Light.  It trickles down sometimes and I am like that budding shoot.  Emerging and opening to the warmth.  Protected by the giant oak above me, whose limbs and branches spread wide enough for the golden sun to filter through.

I feel the Light.  It shines brightly sometimes, as I am completely open and upturned.  Little ones below me feel my protection and my shade.

I feel the Light.  In my darkest hours, I remember there is such a thing and I turn my gaze.  My faith is always in my Father.  He watches as I feel my way.  He prompts, he steers and sometimes He is a driving force that whacks me between the eyes to WAKE UP!

Life is passing you by sister! Grab hold! Sink your all into the swell that is rising… cresting.

He would leave no-one behind.  But sister… brother… you have to choose.

Nicola G. Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.

The Right To Be

The Right To Be by Nicola Karesh

 Everybody around the world, please take a moment to surround the US with love and light.  May freedom, right-doing and justice be well served today, as we venture forth to exercise the right to cast our vote…

I’ve never really felt the need before, to pray for protection here.  Never felt that need surface for an underground railroad and the spirit to carry us across enemy lines…

But, times are changing.

Never felt such hatred and anger from behind erected signs before, but the pavements exude pent-up hostility tied to a reckless streak.

I hope that money cannot buy itself into a position.

I listen to others in my town… in other states and the same element that has been removing signs with a vengeance, has been throwing bricks in windows, falsifying information and trying desperately to suppress and hold back.

I praise the Lord that I voted early. I hope that many others had the same idea.

I hope that people are paying attention to the underlying current that is trying to muscle in and bully their way to the top. 

I pray for souls who have fallen from the Light-filled path.  May God’s sweet Grace intervene and tap them repeatedly, insistently on the shoulder ‘til they remember the Divine Spirit that would do better… would be better.

I hope that the likes of Martin Luther King, Jr. watch over us and have some pull with the big man upstairs to vote for peace this year.

I fear that unruly dogs have been let loose of a pen and that they have no conscience… no concern for any rights but their own.

We better be careful what we unleash, before it turns around and pierces us in the heart.

Nicola Karesh, copyright © 2012 – All rights reserved.